How to become an Amazon no 1 Best Seller in Nigeria

To become a best selling author on Amazon in Nigeria you have to take into consideration two things :

1. Knowing what hot topics to write on

2. Ranking at the top of Amazon for your keywords.

Here’s the simple process you can follow for your books to become a bestseller on Amazon:

1. Find a niche topic to write on. One that gets searched a lot, yet has little competition.

2. Choose 7 keywords you want to rank at the top of Amazon for. These need to be highly searched, low competition words.

3. Write the book yourself and incorporate at least two of the keywords in your book title

4. Choose the book category carefully this is very important as there are some sub categories with very low competition which will help your book to rank high fast

5. Publish the kindle book to Amazon first you can then use the creatspace service owned by Amazon for the print copy. A good idea is to launch the book at 99cents to build momentum and get everybody you know to buy the book within a 3 day period (even if you have to reimburse the purchase price) or contact to help you run a bestseller campaign

6. Rank highly for the keywords you selected in step 2 above

7. Make money. People find your book by entering 1 of those 7 keywords. They buy your book. Amazon notices you’re a valuable book so THEY start promoting you all over their website. You make more money. You need to rank highly and make some initial sales through that, or Amazon won’t start promoting you, and you’ll be at a standstill. Ranking highly is critical.

8. Repeat steps 1-6 on another book.

Article by Esther at  Best Seller Book Publishing Consultant and Celebrity Branding Agency. 

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